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Национальная ассоциация медицинских организаций Центр ЭКО Меркурий
г. Тюмень, ул. Военная, 11/1
Телефон: +7(3452) 60-00-07, 8-929-269-00-07
Факс: +7(3452) 43-63-69
E-mail: mcrm436369@mail.ru
Время работы: пн.-пт. 9.00-16.30, суббота 9.00-14.00

Клиника лечит бесплодие, проводит ЭКО по ОМС для жителей Тюмени, Челябинска, Екатеринбурга, Омска, Перми, Волгограда, Нижнего Новгорода, Новосибирска, Красноярска, Казани.

ЭКО для жителей Ханты-Мансийска, Нижневартовска, Нягани, Пыть-Яха, Сургута, Нефтеюганска, Югорска, Салехарда, Муравленко, Когалыма.

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Infertility treatment in Mercury IVF centre

  • Infertility treatment  in case of urine tubes excalation or uterine tubes patency disorder
  • Infertility treatment  in case of ovaries excision or their dysfunction 
  • Infertility treatment in case of polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Infertility treatment in case of uterine excalation or its dysfunction 
  • Infertility treatment in case of endometriosis
  • Infertility treatment in case of the most severe forms of male infertility
  • Infertility treatment in case of rare inexplicable forms of conception disorder or child-bearing

Methods of infertility treatment with the use of auxiliary reproductive technologies:

  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) Method of infertility treatment, indications for which appear to be practically all forms of infertility: tubal, endocrine, immunologic and male infertility, also infertility caused by endometriosis. 
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). ICSI program is one of infertility treatment methods, performed in cases of severe forms of male infertility, when conception by IVF failed. Conception of woman’s egg is achieved by insertion of sperm right into an egg-cell.   
  • MESA and TESA. This programs of infertility treatment are versions of ICSI program. They are conducted when there are no sperms in ejaculate. Sperms needed for injection into eggs are exhausted from ovary (TESA) or parovarium (MESA) by surgery.
  • Sperm bank. Donor sperm is used for infertility treatment in cases of male infertility or absence of intercourse partner. Patients can choose an appropriate donor by phenotypic description. 
  • Infertility treatment with egg cell donor. Program “Egg cell Donation” – infertility treatment that gives women with extirpated ovaries and those having high chance for a baby to acquire a hereditary disease an opportunity to bare and give birth to a child. In such situation ovaries are received form a healthy woman – donor.   
  • Surrogate motherhood. Infertility treatment with the help of Surrogate motherhood program helps women that due to various reasons have their uterus extirpated or are not capable of child – bearing because of severe diseases, it gives them a chance to have a child. This method of infertility treatment assumes usage of egg and sperm of an infertile married couple. Embryos are transferred to uterine cavity of a healthy woman – surrogate mother that bears and gives birth to their child.
  • Embryo freezing. Cryopreservation program is created for storing and future usage in IVF program off well – developing embryos. In case of a failure this embryos get unfrozen and transferred to uterine cavity without repetition of full IVF cycle.
  • Artificial insemination. Infertility treatment with the help of artificial insemination is performed in certain cases of endocrine, immunologic and male infertility for patience with uterine tubes patency. In favorable for pregnancy days a woman gets sperm of her husband or a donor inserted.

Infertility treatment by IVF methods results in 50% pregnancy.

Successful infertility treatment in Mercury

  • Infertility treatment technology developed and introduced in the USA;
  • Most up-to-date equipment;
  • Atmosphere of hospitality and deep understanding of patience.

Infertility treatment: effectiveness

Infertility treatment -  performance and effectiveness primarily depend on the age of a patient and the period he\she consults a doctor.
It is important to know that the earlier infertility treatment is initiated the better results may be achieved.
For instance let us consider isolated female infertility.
Patient who started infertility treatment in the age of 21 has more that 60% chance to solve her problem and finally to experience happy motherhood. Meantime a woman who has been building career, having other important issues in her life and after all thought “Is it time to have a child?”, may receive disappointing answer “too late.”.

Those willing to start infertility treatment in the age of 35 have only 10% chance to attain motherhood.   

The same regards married couples. Combination of male and female infertility has:
up to 70% success if they applied in the age under 25,
up to 40% - if couple ages 33-34;
up to 10% - if their age is 35-39.

Infertility treatment: approaches

Nowadays up-to-date approaches to infertility treatment has been developed:

  1. Infertility treatment by conservative methods
    It is used in case of endocrine diseases when ovulation process is damaged by abnormal metabolism (weight deficiency, obesity), thyroid gland abnormality, diabetes and other diseases.
    Most commonly in this event physiotherapy, vitamin therapy, hormone correction, ovulation stimulation are used for treating infertility. This type of infertility treatment gets chosen by a gynecologist – endocrinologist and may last no longer than for 2 years. It is considered that if infertility treatment in case of endocrine diseases is performed properly 70 women out of 100 get pregnant. 
  2. Interventional treatment of infertility or laporoscopy
    Laporoscopy – surgery that allows to perform diagnostics of female gentile organs (uterine tubes patency, ovaries location) and if necessary cure detected pathology. 
    For example, by means of laporoscopy endometriotic and dermoid cysts of ovaries get eliminated.

Mercury hospital is hostile to any surgical interference on ovaries. We warn our patience that laporoscopy is not for everyone. Surgery is performed only by doctor’s indication since surgical interference may have serious consequences for the body.

Have you got any questions concerning infertility treatment? Ask doctor

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С днем рождения, Семья!


С днем рождения, Семья! Цветы, улыбки, фото на память, радость от долгожданной встречи! Наконец-то, этот день наступил!  В год Семьи мы рады снова видеть самых счастливых родителей с любимыми и довольными детками.

Приём ведет врач акушер-гинеколог Владимир Ерохин


Приём ведет врач акушер-гинеколог Владимир Ерохин Хорошая новость для тех, кто ждал приёма врача акушера-гинеколога Владимира Васильевича Ерохина. С 24 июня по 29 июня 2024 года он будет работать в нашем центре. Приём, УЗИ, гистероскопия.

Приятное завершение трудовой недели


Приятное завершение трудовой недели Сегодня на почту к.м.н., врача акушера-гинеколога Елены Попенко пришла весточка.Приятное завершение трудовой недели. Согласны?!

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У нас растёт доченька 12 лет. Выражаем благодарность за счастье - Вареньку
У нас растёт доченька 12 лет. Выражаем благодарность за счастье - Вареньку Мы счастливы - у нас растёт доченька 12 лет!!!!

Варвара успешна в учёбе - все 5 классов закончила на отлично!!! Варвара успешна и в своей жизни - занимается вокалом, гилишированием, рисованием! И сегодня всем Варя дарит свой музыкальный подарок! Всех любим, целуем!!!!

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Факс: +7(3452) 43-63-69
E-mail: mcrm436369@mail.ru
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